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Dear Reader,
You’ve probably seen the ads on TV...
I know you’ve definitely experienced the irritating phone calls.
Or even received the constant SMS’s.
Fancy financial services companies constantly hassling you to join their retirement plan.
And what do they always recommend?
A Retirement Annuity (RA).
Now don’t get me wrong, RAs offer great tax benefits and should form part of everyone’s retirement plan.
But the thing is you can’t rely on a Retirement Annuity alone to provide for your future.
It’s just not enough!
What you need is a “Guaranteed Income Booster”.
You may scoff at Guaranteed! But it really is!
And yet not many South Africans are making use of it.
That’s because they don’t understand how to use it…
Now what if I could show you how to add an extra R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance with just R3,000 a month…
With that kind of potential in front of you – and make no mistake, this opportunity is within your grasp right now – you simply have to sit up and pay attention. 

One of the fastest ways to grow your money in South Africa today… Yet less than 1% of the population are making use of it!

When the statistics came across my desk…
I couldn’t believe it…
Less than 1% of the population are taking advantage of this income booster and I cannot understand why?
The thing is, you don’t even need much to get started. You could start with R100 if you want.
However, if you follow my plan to the T, you could walk away with over R1.1 million – TAX FREE!
Just think about what you could do with an extra R1.1 million?
Take a trip to Paris …
Remodel your home …
Pay off your debt or,…
Boost your retirement savings …
The opportunities are endless!
We all dream of the day we can stop worrying about money.
Some people spend decades working hard, saving their pennies, and never quite seem to get there.
Yet a small percentage of people manage to figure out the system and achieve financial freedom sooner than they ever imagined.

This is your chance to be one of them!

The best retirement investment you can make right now

I’m talking about a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).
Now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tax Free Savings Account and you may have even opened an account.
But it is simply NOT ENOUGH to just deposit money into a TFSA...

You need to be smart about how you invest in it!
You see 99% of people are just using it like an old fashioned bank savings account… but that’s just plain wrong!
Because if you really want it to pay you a R1 million plus in the next decade then you have to use the approach that I reveal in my exclusive Income Booster report.
This is the only way you can take full advantage of the REAL BENEFITS OF A TFSA!
I’m talking about…
•         NO Tax on interest earned
•         NO Tax on dividends
•         NO Tax on income
•         NO Capital Gains Tax
That means your returns will be super charged because of the tax protection you get!

It’s not what you invest in,
it’s how you invest!

Investing in the wrong instrument using your TFSA could REDUCE your cash in your pocket by as much as R300,000!
Let me show you what I mean…
If you invest in a Deposit TFSA from your local bank the highest return you’re likely to receive is around 6%-7% - and that’s only if you invest high amounts.
In addition, the longest investment period is 12 months.
That means, you have to reinvest manually every year for the next 14 years.
Another common use of a TFSA is to invest in Unit Trusts.
But managed investments like these cost a fortune in fees.
Before you know it, you’re paying 2-3%% in fees. Add this to the fact that 80% of fund managers underperform their benchmarks and your overall tax-free returns after 14 years generally are dismal.
But if you use the investment approach in my Income Booster report, your return on investment will look vastly different...
Just take a look at the graph below to see what I mean…

Add up to R300,000 more to your bank balance with the Income Booster!

In the Guaranteed Income Booster report, I’ll show you exactly what you need to invest in so you could generate this R1.1 million windfall – TAX-FREE! 

But before I show you how to claim your Guaranteed Income Booster, let me introduce myself…

This Free Report could literally change your life

My name is Josh Benton.
I’m an Investment Analyst for South Africa's largest wealth building and investment publishing company – I help over 80,000 investors make the most profitable investment decisions.
It’s my job to grow my subscriber’s wealth through all market conditions – And, I’ve got the track-record to prove it.
I have managed to outperform the JSE All-Share by more than double over the past nine years.
And now, I’d like to help you to start building wealth for your retirement.
Working closely with FSP Investment research, I’ve made some VERY powerful friends…
And I’ve discovered some incredible secrets to AUTOMATICALLY grow your income.
And now I’d like to share this one with you…
I’m only 29 and I’m already on the road to make my fortune…thanks to these kinds of investment strategies the average investor has overlooked.
There’s no reason to keep these secrets to myself (especially because I know how life-changing they are)…
That’s why I want to send you my  Guaranteed Income Booster report today. It gives you something no-one else has taken the time to show you.. It shows you step by step How you could add an extra R1.1 million TAX-FREE to your bank balance.

And here’s the thing… not only am I offering to send this report to you absolutely free, I’m also willing to share my best kept income boosting and saving tricks ever!

I’ll tell you more about them in a moment…

There Is One Small Catch…

Which I Think You'll REALLY LIKE!
One of the reasons I want to send you a free copy of My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million to your bank balance is that it gives me a chance to introduce you to (show off, actually) my monthly research advisory: Real Wealth.
In fact, I want to send you my Real Wealth newsletter absolutely free for the next 30 days, which will enable me to provide you with research on the absolute best possible income-producing investments during the rapidly changing times ahead.
The world is changing quickly – and not just politically. More and more new technologies and ideas are entering the marketplace every day, creating unique NEW opportunities to create MORE wealth with LESS work.
But how do you keep up to date with all the latest opportunities – as well as any threats to your wealth or income that may emerge? Just consider the corona threat that we are experiencing right now!
Well, that's why I publish this very special monthly advisory.
Every month, Real Wealth gives you the inside scoop on smart money-making and saving secrets most often used by the wealth elite – putting you far ahead of everyone else – regardless of your current financial situation, no matter who's the President, and whether the stock market goes up, down or sideways.
Each month I wade through hundreds of income opportunities to give you the absolute best ways to produce income.
It's like having a full team of financial researchers by your side, showing you how to make every move… assuring you opportunities to collect the income that will give you the kind of carefree lifestyle you want and deserve.
How much extra will it cost you to start receiving Real Wealth?
Not a single cent!
Because I want to send it to you for one month, absolutely free and without obligation. (If you're not madly in love with Real Wealth, just let us know and it won’t cost you a cent.)

I Only Have 300 Copies
Set Aside Today

Unfortunately, this book is an E-Book only, because physically printing books isn't cheap.
The thing is, I only have a limited number of downloadable copies set aside for today.
And I want this special approach to get into as many of the RIGHT hands as possible.
Because My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance is full of ideas, tricks, and loopholes that would take you weeks, maybe even MONTHS to uncover on your own.
So please, I urge you to act quickly to secure your copy and start making that extra income you want and deserve.

My Guaranteed Income Booster Isn't for Everyone…

We're looking for active, take-charge types who will make good use of our hard work.
Not those who will just let this report go to waste.
Here's why I'm telling you this…
Everyone out there is promising you ways to get rich quick, with no effort on your part.
And there's a sucker born every minute that will fall for the hype.
I'm not going to promise that you'll make millions of rands just by following my strategies.
Although there's a chance that you might.
But what I WILL promise you is realistic, practical, usable techniques.
The kind you and your family can use to start generating more extra income than you ever imagined possible – starting virtually overnight.
But it's up to you to make those things a reality.

Here's What to Do Next…

Click on the “Reserve Now” button below.
It will take you to a secure web page where you will pay a nominal processing fee and send me your email address so I can rush you a copy of my report.
As soon as you receive your report, immediately open it and start reading.

Wait… There Are MORE FREE GIFTS!

I want to make your claiming of this FREE report and a month of Real Wealth the easiest decision you'll ever make.
So I'm also going to send you two additional FREE Special books and reports worth over R700 that will boost your income even further!

Free Bonus Book #1: The Little Book of Big Income

The world is your oyster when you have income for LIFE.
When putting together The Little Book of BIG Income – 10 Filthy Secrets to get Rich Quick, I set out to prove one thing…
Living the life you want doesn't have to involve any enormous sacrifices…
Or working any harder.
All it takes is working SMARTER.
With this book, you will be able to generate anywhere from a few hundred rands a month up to a few thousand rands.
It doesn't matter how much you've saved.
Or what your balance sheet looks like.
All that matters is how much you're willing to make.
With these income secrets, you'll be able to set up as many reliable income streams as you want.
So there's no worrying about when to retire.
Or pinching pennies when you do.

FREE BONUS REPORT #2: Decoding the Intelligent Investor

In this report, I'll lay out – in detail – the precise methods Benjamin Graham used to select stocks… the same ones that he would then pass on to the likes of Warren Buffett and Walter Schloss.
This will give you the secret behind this incredible strategy, in full, so you can get to grips with how it works and get an idea of the kind of returns this could make you.
In fact, I’d personally say that it is, without doubt, the only report on investing you’ll ever need to read. And as I said, I’ll start by sending you a copy.
Now, while countless investors have used the secrets in this report to amass incredible fortunes, I’m going to give you something extra – so that you can get up and running even quicker…
2. Look out for my introductory guide and annotations
When you get your free copy, you’ll notice something odd about it.
It's because I’ve gone through Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor marked up and selected the really important sections.
So that Graham’s work has the most positive and most immediate impact on your investing, I’ll personally walk you through how this works – focusing on the parts I believe are most relevant.
In short, I’ll ‘decode’ this book for you, bring it to life and point out what’s worth you reading twice – and more…
For instance, this report will show you the exact criteria you need to look for in a stock to ensure it gives you the best chance of seeing a decent profit.
And with that in mind – I’m going to help get you started straight away…
I’ve said right from the beginning, this is all about you trying this strategy out and seeing how much money you could make from it.
And I want to make it really easy for you to do that.
All I ask is that you pay a small R99.95 shipping charge to get My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance and all these bonuses in your hands.
So let's wrap this up…

My Guaranteed Income Booster and over R700 in Bonuses – for Less
Than A Hundred Bucks

So to sum it up…
For a small processing fee of just R99.95  (we're generous, but not CRAZY) I'll send you…
A special edition copy of my latest report, My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance.
  • Bonus Gift #1: The Little Book of Big Income – 10 Filthy Secrets to Get Rich Quick
  • Bonus Gift #2: Decoding the Intelligent Investor 
  • A free 30-day trial to my monthly income newsletter, Real Wealth. With new issues delivered by email on the second week of every month
Of course, I'm hoping you'll stay on as a subscriber and join the thousands of people like yourself who benefit from the advice in its pages every month.
But if you don't, that's fine. No hard feelings.
If you decide it's not for you for any reason during the first 30 days, no worries – just call our friendly Johannesburg-based customer service staff (the number, 0861 114 365, is on all our websites) and let us know.
You'll never be charged another cent.
But if (and ONLY if) you like what you're seeing, simply do nothing.
We'll bill your card R870 for a 1-year subscription to Real Wealth after your 30-day free trial is over.
There's truly nothing to lose.
But a world of instant income to gain. 

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Get Started Today, 

Reserve Your FREE Copy…

Now remember…

We’re only sending a limited number of copies of My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance.
And they are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.
So if you’re interested, please act soon.
These are not available on Amazon.com or at any other bookstore. You can only get one right here… only by clicking the “Reserve Now” button below to get started today.
This will take you to a secure order form page where you can review your order and tell us where you'd like everything sent.
Your copy of My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free to your bank balance will arrive in your mailbox in the next 24 hours.
Looking forward to showing you how YOU, too, can get income for LIFE!


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Joshua Benton
Editor, Real Wealth


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So do it right now – while you're thinking of it. Click the “Reserve Now” button to claim your free copy of My Guaranteed Income Booster Report – How you could add R1.1 million tax-free  to your bank balance, all the free bonuses, and your copy of Real Wealth immediately.


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